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Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Parts Repair

Ludlum Wind offers repair services for electronic wind turbine components. A division of Ludlum Measurements, operations began in 2010, building on the 50+ years of Ludlum's electronics experience. Maintaining Ludlum's philosophy on the importance of customer service, we strive to complete our repairs in as timely a manner as possible to minimize downtime for the customer while also maintaining excellent quality and durability.

Leveraging Ludlum's extensive manufacturing capabilities, we make all of the necessary parts for a repair in-house, ensuring the best quality repairs possible. This includes manufacturing new heat sinks and circuit boards.

We currently service the components below for GE wind turbine models. We also offer repairs for other components on a case by case basis. Please contact us regarding your repair needs.


GE 1.5MW Components Serviced

Part NumberType
107W7460P001 Non-ESS Line Assembly
107W7461P001 Non-ESS Rotor Assembly
107W7462P001 ESS Line Assembly
107W7463P001 ESS Rotor Assembly


Windmill components 3 



Damaged Assembly

Blown Assembly

Repaired Assembly

Repaired Assembly

New Heat Sinks Available

Heat Sink